Jon Boyd – Castle Personnel

Castle Personnel has been operating at many places in the Hunter for over the past twenty years and is the largest Employment Services provider with 13 offices of it’s kind. It is our aim to fulfil your current and future employment requirements with one of our large number of broadly skilled and experienced clients, most of whom come with extremely generous wage subsidies.

We have placed over 16,000 clients within the Hunter area. Castle Personnel is a not for profit organisation funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and therefore, unlike labour hire or recruitment companies, we operate at no cost whatsoever to the employer and are only interested in finding the right fit for your organisation.

We have had success in a wide range of industries including; administration, manufacturing, health and community services, hospitality, retail, construction, transport, process work and business services.

Again, unlike labour hire or recruitment companies, ongoing support is provided to both the workplace and our clients. All of Castle Personnel clients are assisted in their search for employment and the subsequent maintaining of employment by an Employment Coach. Employment Coach’s will work with clients to assist the employer with training  them with the skills required of them in the workplace and provide another set of eyes, ears and hands if required in the workplace. The support can be as much or as little as required in each individual case. The goal of this on site support is to ensure that the client is continually up skilling in order to reach and maintain the required productivity level in the workplace.


Incentives Castle Personnel can assist you with:

  • On site support to minimise loss of productivity and assist with training
  • Generous financial subsidies toward the employees wage
  • Subsidised Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Take the hours out of recruiting and administration
  • No contractual obligations to use Castle exclusively