Team Inspirational Fitness Training – Anne-Marie Adams

Who we are and how we can help you

You are the type of person that wants great fun and creative workouts in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

At Inspirational Group & Fitness Training we train in the beautiful outdoors with workouts that are fun and interesting. We welcome all fitness levels and with our friendly atmosphere you will be having fun, getting fit and making new friends in no time.

And better yet while you are getting fit and healthy 5% of your fees will be donated to Hunter Life Education to help Healthy Harold teach the children of the Hunter how to make informed healthy lifestyle decisions.




You are the type of person

  • Who does not feel comfortable working out at a gym

  • Wants to get fit but are not sure where to start
  • Loves the outdoors but does not get enough time to spend in it
  • Gets sick of the same workout routines
  • You feel lost in large fitness groups and would like more personal attention
  • You need your fitness to fit into your busy lifestyle

At Inspirations Group and Fitness Training

  • We train outdoors and not in a stuffy indoor gym
  • We cater to ALL fitness levels from beginner to advanced so you will get a great workout suited to where you are on your fitness journey
  • We have a supportive group of people so even if you come alone you will make friends in no time
  • Our sessions are limited to 15 people so you will never feel lost in a sea of people
  • We have flexible memberships as well as a variety of sessions options that run morning and evenings so you have plenty of choice when you would like to train. Check out our website for our current timetable.


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I have been participating in this group for several weeks now. I love the fresh and beauitful surroundings of Lambton Park. I’m already seeing results physically, on the scale and I’m beating my own scores in the fitness tests. Anne-Maree is a fountain of knowledge and is always happy to help. I love having my own personal plan modified to suit key areas I need to work on. I highly recommend this program, all fitness types beginners to advanced.

Jessica Baker March 30, 2017

I would highly recommend Inspirational Group and Fitness Training to anyone wanting to improve their fitness in a supportive, social and fun environment. I really enjoy training outdoors in the picturesque Lambton Park with a lovely group of people who give me encouragement and motivation. The trainer, Anne-Marie Adams, is highly knowledgeable, supportive, friendly and professional trainer who has helped me lose weight by focusing on my fitness and health foremost. The regular feedback and guidance she gives me is really helping me achieve my goals and stay on track.

Lisa Agnew March 30, 2017

Just joined this week and felt comfortable right away, excellent trainer and great bunch of people in the group. Being outdoors is a fantastic bonus!

Mercy Shawa March 30, 2017

Had a great first day of boxing loved it great trainer great group of people

Joanne White March 30, 2017

I really love this fitness group. The sessions are always varied and designed for you to challenge yourself - not be in competition with each other. Great trainer, great group of people!

Glen Newman March 30, 2017

Lambton Park, Lambton and Regent Park, New Lambton

0421 958 671