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Backyard Grannys

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Backyard Grannys expand into the Sydney marketplace

Local granny flat specialists Backyard Grannys are continuing their rapid business growth, now expanding into tSydneyGrannyFlatshe Sydney marketplace.

Backyard Grannys Director, Alex Mitchell, said that it was a natural geographic extension.

“We started in the Hunter region, only to quickly see a gap in the marketplace on the Central Coast,” Alex said. “This has now naturally progressed into the Sydney marketplace where we believe our high level of customer service, attention to detail and specialised approach to granny flats will be welcomed.”

Backyard Grannys launched in 2013, a new arm of Nulex Construction, to focus solely on granny flats.

They have a 12-week construction guarantee and all projects are custom built onsite.

If you’d like to know more about Sydney granny flats, please contact the team.


Spiffy Promo & Wear

Spiffy Promo & Wear

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Spiffy Promo & Wear

What is the meaning of SPIFFY ?spiffy-logo

S-ervice with a smile.

P-ersonalised service.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. The sole proprietor of GL Sales T/A Spiffy Promo and Wear is Greg Hancock. He has been in the service industry  for over 30 years now. His work experiences come from various industries, a soldier in the infantry of the Australian Arm Forces, a jackaroo, a disc jockey, wood crafter, spray painter, handyman, industrial fitter, computer technician & programmer, auto mechanic and a licensed pest control technician. Greg has always been very creative and resourceful in anything he does.

I-nnovative ideas to suit our customers’ needs.

Greg always comes up with innovative ideas either at work or in his leisure time. Being highly motivated, with great communication skills and great eye for designs, with team mate  Lauren, they registered Thumbs Up Maintenance and Sales in 2005, rebranded to GL Sales (short for Greg Lauren) in 2006 and due to expansion of the business into promotional items and apparel, and with the professional assistance of Ms. Janelle Gerrard from Design Change, Spiffy Promo & Wear was born.

F-antastic products. The products that we sell are of the highest achievable quality.

F-ast turn-around.  We do our very best to deliver your order before your deadline.

Y-ou are No. 1    We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best  possible service.

We do not charge any set-up or design costs for all our in-house designs, dye sublimation or vinyl transfers and printing.

Specialist Product Categories

  • Clothing – Corporate, Industrial and Casual
  • Sports Team Wear and Accessories
  • School Uniforms
  • Custom Designed T/shirts and Solar Change Digitized Prints
  • Chromuluxe Photo Panels
  • Banners
  • Endless Promotional Items
  • Signage’s including Car Signs


PrintingTechniques Spiffy Promo Utilized in the Workshop

Dye Sublimation–uses high heat and solid dyes to produce photo lab-quality images. Dye-Sub printers contain a roll of transparent film made up of page-sized panels of color. Solid dyes in cyanmagentayellow and black are embedded in the film. Print head heating elements vaporize the inks which adhere to a specially-coated paper. As the ink cools it re-solidifies on the paper. Color intensity is controlled by precise variations in temperature. For white and light colored fabrics with high polyester content. Dyes the fabric with a very soft hand. Can be printed on nylon as well.

Digital Printing – Modern printing methods such as laser and ink-jet printing are known as digital printing. In digital printing, an image is sent directly to the printer using digital files such as PDFs and those from graphics software such as Illustrator and In Design. This eliminates the need for a printing plate, which is used in offset printing, which can save money and time.

Heat Transfers – Heat transfer printing is a method of printing fibres with disperses dyes. The dyes are designed and is then transferred from pre-printed paper onto a fabric by contact heat and then the dyes are absorbed by the fabric. Heat transfer is great for producing clear and very well defined images. Available in stock : Solar Transfers, Vinyl Transfers, High Definition  Transfers on Light & Dark T/Shirts, Glow-In-The Dark Transfers, Glitter Transfers, Sequin Transfers, Shimmer Transfers, Metallic Transfers, 3Dt’s Transfers, Foil Transfers, Deco-Transfers.

Digital UV Printing – Flatbed Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images using inkjet printing, typically on plastic or paperboard, although a wide variety of materials can be printed (common, photographic paper, film, cloth, plastic, etc.). Flatbed digital printers use inks made of acrylic monomers that are then exposed to strong UV-lights to cure, or polymerize them. This process allows for printing on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood or metal, carpet, tile, and even glass. The adjustable printing bed makes it possible to print on surfaces ranging in thickness from a sheet of paper often up to as much as several inches. Typically used for commercial applications (retail and event signage), flatbed printing is often a substitute for screen-printing. Since no printing plates or silk-screens must be produced, digital printing technology allows shorter runs of signs to be produced economically. Environmentally, flatbed digital printing is based on a more sustainable system than its commercial predecessor of solvent printing as it produces fewer waste cartridges and less indoor air pollution.



Cardiff South Public School

In 2013, our School Council decided it was time to modernize and re-brand our school’s image. One aspect of this process, involved the P&C reviewing and ultimately changing our school uniform. Lauren and Greg from Spiffy Promo & Wear have been partners with our our school through this process and have bent over backwards to guide us with expert advice. The customer service they have provided to our school from start to finish has been outstanding. They have gone out of their way to assist us by developing our knowledge of fabrics and each one’s durability and have guided us on selecting a new uniform that is ideal for our students and our climate. Lauren was able to take things a step further than we had expected by developing a number of unique designs for consideration which fitted with the feedback our parents provided. She also consulted with manufacturers and took the worry our of the ordering process. Her eye for detail is exceptional and we are so grateful for her input. The end result is that our parents and students are tremendously happy with our new school uniform and our students and staff certainly look ‘Spiffy’.

I’d thoroughly encourage any companies, clubs or individuals considering utilising Spiffy’s services to do so – you will not be disappointed.

David Holland – Principal, Cardiff South Public School


BMK Financial Services

To whom it may concern,

I have known Greg & Lauren Hancock for a number of years now and have witnessed the way they do business. First with ‘Newcastle Pest Control’ and now with ‘Spiffy Promo & Wear’. 

The one overriding factor in my dealings with them in both business’ is their personal and business ideals of ‘Honesty & Integrity’ in everything they do.  Greg is an old school gentlemen where his handshake is his contract, and I would trust his handshake over many contracts I have signed in my life. Lauren is no different.

My dealings with Lauren and ‘Spiffy’ have shown her to be  incredibly quick and efficient. There’s nothing Lauren won’t do for you. Her number one goal is to make her customers happy. I would highly recommend both Lauren & Greg  & ‘Spiffy Promo & Wear’ for all your business, school, sport, and general promotional needs.

Brad Lonergan – BMK Financial Services


To Whom it may Concern

It has been my absolute delight to have met Lauren and Greg from Spiffy Promo & Wear, they have been able to assist me with signage for my phone system and all my corporate wear.

They are so professional, friendly, courteous and helpful, nothing was too difficult, they always checked with me first to make sure that I was happy with my purchase and said that if I was ever not to let them know at once.

I found there work ethics to be very strong and this shows in the quality of their work, timeframe and in the delivery as they will not let anything leave their company if it is not 100%.
I have no hesitation in recommending Spiffy Promo & Wear to any business and am very happy to do business with them and will continue to so. I would be happy to speak to anyone in business that has an interest in any of the work that they provide and can be contacted below.

Bruna Armstrong – WaterFirst Pty Ltd


Lyn Perkins

Mary Kay Cosmetics

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Discover what you love.

Mary Kay logoConnect with the best in beauty.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Lyn Perkins … Executive Sales Director

Mary Kay Australia opened in 1971 followed by New Zealand in 1991. Mary Kay, one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and colour cosmetics, realised another year of record results. In 2009, Mary Kay Inc. and its international subsidiaries achieved $3 billion in wholesale sales worldwide.

Mary Kay® products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the global Mary Kay independent sales force exceeds 2.5 million.

Lyn Perkins (Coles) has been a Consultant with MARY KAY Cosmetics for over 20 years. Well respected in the industry she brings a unique personal touch to her business. Lyn’s passion for her clients and their needs is obvious when you meet her.

Skin Care Consultations and working with clients gives MARY KAY a very personalised service. As a Director with MARY KAY Lyn also mentors Consultants as they build their own business. Guidance and support are always available within this amazing career opportunity. In Mary Kay we take a simple personalised approach to our clients needs.

We talk to you about what you want so you can discover a world of colour and great products without being frustrated. Maybe it’s Age defying skin care, products with botanical effects or something to instantly lift your skin and brighten your complexion. A flawless foundation is something everyone wants.

And when it comes to colour we have it all… Kissable lips, a soft and pretty look or something more sophisticated. Gorgeous colours for everyone. There is more than one way to look at Mary Kay.

It’s a great chance to catch up with your girlfriends and have some fun or maybe an individual appointment would suit your needs. Samples for the busy woman to try when she has a minute at home or you can shop online.

And then we have our unique Career Opportunity. We can create a flexible, totally mobile business. Work the hours that suit you and be your own boss. Grow and develop at your own pace.

Build a successful career, save for something special or perhaps gain that independence you were always after. … whatever you want, with Mary Kay you can have it.

So contact me and let’s discover what you love…. Ph: 0434215188      MK  Consultant ID: 036379AU

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Richard Windeyer

Mortgage Choice

Mortgage Broker

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Get your home loan pre approved

When it comes to determining your borrowing limit, online loan repayment calculators are a handy starting point, however,
borrowers-to-be need to understand they provide only an estimate of a person’s borrowing power and ability to repay a loan.dvantages of a home loan pre approval

You can then take this to the next level by talking with a professional mortgage broker about which lender will let you borrow what and applying for home loan pre-approval.

Home loan pre approval will provide a conditional approval of a loan amount. This helps buyers really hone their property search and shop with confidence when negotiating on a property purchase or bidding at auction.

Genuine loan pre-approval follows a similar process to a full loan application whereby borrowers will be assessed on their individual circumstances and needs and are required to verify their identity and ability to repay the loan. Other conditions usually need to be met to move to full finance approval, such as a suitable property valuation.

Keep in mind pre-approval is usually granted for a period of three to six months and a mortgage broker can help you with the application process. Throughout this period you need to keep your broker aware of any changes in financial circumstances as this may affect the end result – achieving full loan approval and being able to buying a great property.

Advantages of a home loan pre approvalAs with any loan decision, it pays to shop around. Some lenders don’t offer home loan pre approval and some don’t go to the extent of conducting a thorough individual assessment meaning you could get a different loan limit upon applying for unconditional approval and, like those without pre-approval, you could miss out on a property if it’s above your loan limit.

If you’re looking to buy then consider getting yourself organised with loan pre-approval. Having your finances in order before you go house hunting can save you a lot of time and stress if you happen to find the right property.

Top five benefits of a home loan pre approval are that it

  1. It prompts you to begin thoroughly exploring your loan options at the beginning of the property purchase process.
  2. Saves time (and lessens possible disappointment) by concentrating the property search in a feasible price range.
  3. Enables real estate/buyers agents to see you as a serious property buyer.
  4. Helps you gain confidence for bidding at auction or negotiating a purchase.
  5. Quickens the settlement process as the loan is already part of the way approved.

For more information contact Richard Windeyer on 1800 01 LOAN or click here to “Book a Meeting”

Wheeling and Able Celebrating 80 Years!

About Wheeling & Able

Birthdays and anniversaries serve to remind us of our journey to date – our achievements and our challenges. Wheeling & Able has certainly has its share of both.

In 1932 the end of the great depression was near and the Hunter was becoming a powerhouse of industry and resources. This stimulated significant population growth in the greater Newcastle to about 104,000. This was almost double what it had been just 20 years before at the outbreak of World War I.

It was also a time where local people really started seeing the value in community.

In 1930 Newcastle Rotary Club surveyed the local community and identified 95 children who were physically handicapped in the district but had little or no community support.  The children were examined by the medical board and those who required treatment were admitted to hospital and surgical appliances were made for those who needed them.

In 1932, at a public meeting convened by the Mayor of Newcastle, the Newcastle and District Association for Crippled Children was established to provide support services to children and their families.

Of course things change and fortunately so does language – hence a more suitable name of Wheeling & Able. Our charter is simple – get local kids mobile.

We are a registered charity, provide financial assistance to over 400 children and their families in the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast regions which helps them to purchase prescribed equipment such as; wheelchairs, standing frames, orthotics, mobility equipment, technology to support education and therapies as well as every day living aids.

Since our inception, we have assisted more than 16,000 children under the age of 21and their families. Last year alone, we provided equipment, aids and therapies to the value of $220,000.00.

We are asking one small favour…. Please think of us!

We do not receive any funding from governments and while we have a number of wonderful people and businesses who generously provide their time and resources to help us, we are working off revenue that we achieved when we sold Weeroona Holiday Home in Belmont Bay almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately, over the years donations have reduced and this has had an impact on the amount of funding we can offer families.

Please think of us when your organisation and staff are considering;

  • Holding a fundraising corporate event
  • Payroll giving – where staff contribute as little as $2 a week from their pay (tax deductible)
  • A collection tin the staff tea room or a mufti day

In return for this favour of thinking of us… we promise to truly value your support.

Thank you
Karen Phillips
Executive Officer

Wheeling & Able Giving Program

Payroll Giving Program

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee – you can make a huge difference in the life of a child with a physical disability

Who is Wheeling & Able?
Wheeling & Able commenced in 1932 as the Newcastle & District Association for Crippled Children and over the past 80 years have helped children in Newcastle, Central Coast, the Hunter and mid north Coast gain access to vital equipment to help with their mobility and everyday needs.

Since then, we have helped over 16,000 children at an estimated cost of over $11,900,000 (in today’s dollars) with equipment such as wheelchairs, standing frames, specialised bicycles, lifting equipment, vehicle modifications and therapy programs.

Wheeling & Able is a self funded charity and does not receive any government funding; this amazing achievement has been reached through the generosity of individuals, businesses and community organisations in our region.

What is a Payroll Deduction Program?
The payroll or wage deduction program means that a regular donation is made to Wheeling & Able each time a you are paid by your employer.

Many people find that donating a few dollars each week from their pay is convenient, barely missed and a tax-deductible way of helping to ensure that children in the communities of Newcastle and surrounding areas, Central Coast, Hunter and the Manning / Great Lakes regions, Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast can continue to receive assistance to access equipment and services.

How does it work?
An Employee signs up to Payroll Deduction Program by completing a simple form and nominating a regular deduction amount.

The form is then sent to your payroll department where the nominated amount is deducted from your weekly or fortnightly pay and forwarded to Wheeling & Able.

At the end of the financial year, employees are able to claim a tax deduction for the total amount donated.

You can request ask that a Wheeling & Able representative attend your next team meeting to speak with employees about the program.

It’s that simple!

Employee Benefits
By joining the Payroll Deduction Program you are ensuring that the life of a child with a physical disability is made a little easier.

It is a convenient way for you to join the growing number of people who choose to make a donation to one of the oldest Charities founded in Newcastle, with branches in the Singleton, Cessnock and Central Coast regions that are committed to assisting children with physical disabilities throughout these areas.

Many of the things we do in life that are so easily taken for granted.

As a contributor to the Payroll Deduction Program you know that you are helping to support essential services; ensuring a child can stand to be the same height as their school friends with the aid of a standing frame, a teenager can go on a bike ride with their family on a specially modified bike; or for a parent to be able to move a young adult from their bed to their wheelchair with an electric hoist.

Employer Benefits

Employers involved in this scheme report stronger staff morale and loyalty, as well as a closer association with their wider community.

They report a sense of pride both in the workplace and in the partnership between their company, employees and Wheeling & Able employers often match employees’ donations, thus doubling the support given to this valuable service as well as increasing their own organisation’s profile in the community.

When your business donation reaches $10,000 you will have permission to use the words “official supporter of”, with the Wheeling & Able logo. This will define your business as one that has compassion for the work of Wheeling & Able and your clients will recognise your generosity.

It is tax deductible, simple and flexible

All donations through the Payroll Deduction Program are tax deductible and it only takes a few minutes to complete one form for your regular donations to begin. It’s flexible enough for you to join, alter or withdraw from at any time.

Payroll Deduction Authority

Thank you for choosing to support Wheeling & Able. Your donation will help ensure that Children with physical disabilities in Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast will have access to vital equipment to help with their mobility and everyday needs.

Please click here to be taken to out site to download our form.

For all enquiries regarding payroll deduction, please contact:

Wheeling & Able
(Weeroona Association)
A.B.N.81 511 032 990. C.F.N.12709
PO Box 2259, Gateshead NSW 2290
Phone: 02 49622 042 Fax: 02 4942 3188

Janelle Gerrard

Design Change

Graphic Design

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Write your own obituary – What makes you special

The other week I had a “light bulb moment”. Only to discover it had been thought of by others as well. Which means it was a good idea so I thought I’d share. Write your business obituary. Think of what impact your business has had on your customers.  What has been your legacy (what customers remember about you). In doing this, it will help you define what makes your business special or different. It would also help you to define your brand legacy… in fact it could provide clarity on what your brand strategy should be, based on your larger reason for being. This will help you easily determine what products or services you offer and how to convey that through your entire brand. If you feel stuck, why not write an obituary on how you would like your business to be remembered. What impact you would like to make on your customers. It’s not morbid, try it, it is fun!

We have all made an impact in some way in business and in life. So why not even write your own personal obituary as well. I came across this video from TED on “How to write your own Obituary” which I thought was really interesting and appropriate to include. It is about 15 minutes long but really worthwhile and thought provoking. ENJOY!!!

Have you jumped on the wrong train?

Michelle Lee - Up N Away Life Coaching Newcastle NSWMichelle Lee from Up n Away Life Coaching explains how she might be able to open your eyes to greater personal and career enjoyment.

Are you thinking to yourself that maybe, just maybe you are not on the train to your desired destination? Have you been on this train too long, making frequent stops, not liking where you are, getting back on, and maybe spending far too long at certain destinations? This could be the holiday from hell. However it could also be the career train you have jumped on, on the career to nowhere and everywhere except where you want to be.

Are you unsure of what you want, where you want to be, have stopped at various jobs/careers, tried your luck in different roles, been rejected from others, lost confidence in your worth, and along the way lost your sense of purpose and hence your destination? Do you sometimes feel that society ranks us on what we do, what success we have and the pressure is all too much?

Are you feeling hopelessness, unmotivated, stuck in a rut, know that you are not doing what you want to do, but are not even sure how to change that?

You are not alone. There is a solution!

Being clear in the first place about where you want to go, do and be, what steps to take to get there, knowing that there may be certain rail blocks which you are confident of getting through, and having confidence to ride the journey, are essential tools to have when planning your dream career.

15 ways your Career Passion Coach can assist you:

  1. Help you understand yourself better
  2. Identify your strengths and limitations
  3. Guide you to finding your passion and purpose
  4. Help you believe in possibilities that you can reach your dream career
  5. Enlighten you on the value of your own unique set of values
  6. Engineer those goals in your head so they manifest in your life
  7. Formulate those goals into a strategic action plan
  8. Keep you accountable to those actions you said you would take
  9. Guide you to feel confident about setting up your own business if you wish to do so.
  10. Build your self-esteem and self- confidence
  11. Find your strength in the face of challenge
  12. Support you through Interview and Resume coaching
  13. Coach you to improved Assertiveness, Communication and Client Relationships
  14. Show you that you can move out of your rut with calculated risks
  15. Cheering you from the sidelines as you kick those goals and move towards your passion – not letting you give up

Michelle Lee - Up N Away Life Coaching Newcastle NSWMichelle empathises and understands the journey of being on the wrong train even though she was running a successful business. She knew there was something more out there for her and through her own personal development, she took the risks and has not looked back.

Are you ready to disembark?

For more information about Michelle and her coaching, visit:

Stella Jones


Business Coaching

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Buying Customers

Clive Jones from Jonesci Business Systems (also a certified Business & Executive Coach with actionCOACH) introduces Buying Customers by Bradley J. Sugars, founder of actionCOACH

Buying Customers is all about knowing your ‘profit per customer’, instead of your ‘profit per hour’ or ‘profit per item’.

Traditionally people think of Profit = Revenue – Expenses. Instead, understand the ‘5 Ways’: Leads, Conversion Rate, #Transactions, Ave Dollar Sale, Profit Margin.

Start at the bottom and work your way up.

Allowable Acquisition Cost

Allowable Acquisition Cost – the amount a business can spend to bring in a new customer and make a profit in the first purchase.

Investment Acquisition Cost – the amount a business spends to bring in a new customer and doesn’t recoup this in the first sale. However, this is more than made up for through repeat business.

Companies should only use an investment acquisition cost strategy if they:

  1. Have a good understanding of the Lifetime Value of a customer
  2. Have the cashflow to support buying customers until repeat business makes the customer profitable.

Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate = Number of sales / number of leads x 100

A marketing campaign’s effectiveness is judged by the number of customers that it produces, not the number of leads. Knowing your conversion rate is the first step to improving it.

People want to buy a Customer Experience, not just a quality product. Improving all aspects of the experience will improve your conversion rate and get people coming back.

Also need to understand the actual Cost Per Sale. This needs to include all of the cost in the business, not just the marketing and production costs (i.e. include all of the overheads).

Lifetime Value

This is the total amount a customer will spend with your business over the lifetime of their relationship with you. Also need to factor in the benefits of other customers that they refer to you.

Don’t just focus on market share, focus on Wallet Share. This is the amount you make from a customer over a period of time.

Repeat Business = Profits. Must collect their details and invite them back.

The Raving Fan

  • Move people up the Ladder of Loyalty: Suspect ? Prospect ? Shopper ? Customer ? Member ? Advocate ? Raving Fan
  • Must invite Shoppers to come back and become Customers. Not doing this risks a huge amount of customers trying once and then not coming back. Someone who makes 2 purchases is 10 times more likely to keep buying from you than one that only makes 1 purchase.

Grade your customers: A=Awesome, B=Basic, C=Can’t Deal With, D=Dead (or should be to your business)

Improve the quality of your customers by outlining your “rules” and then moving up the Ladder of Loyalty.

The Principles of Lifetime Value

The 9 Basic Needs of a Customer: Subsistence, Protection/Safety, Affection, Understanding, Participation, Leisure, Creation, Identity, Freedom. Which of these needs does your business speak to? Which ones could it speak to?

The Pareto Principle, or 80/20 Rule. Focus on the top 20% that give you 80% of your revenue/profits. Most businesses get stuck in the trap of over-servicing their lower value customers because there are so many of them. Even consider “sacking” or selling your lower value customers so you can focus on the good ones – let your competitors deal with them.

Actual vs Current Customers: Get ‘actual’ past customers to come back and become current customers again.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: Ask for referrals and offer them rewards.

Ways to Boost Lifetime Value

Develop relationships with your customers by writing a Blog or Newsletter

  • Blogs are easier and less expensive but ideal for a younger audience. Make it easy for people to subscribe.
  • Use “drip marketing” to feed information and offers a little at a time to build value and lead to a sale
  • Use the Target-Offer-Copy method when developing and writing your blog/newsletter. However, instead of sales copy give valuable information.

Lifetime Value can be increased by getting customers back more often or by getting them to spend more at each transaction. Some strategies include: closed door sales, educate on full rage of products/services, promote a “deal of the week”, re-book next appointment, “until further notice” services, help customers plan future purchases, frequent buyer/VIP program, up-sell/cross-sell checklist, train the team, build a Dream Team, perceived value offers.

Getting Their Attention

Focus on a niche and understand the Whom What, Why, When, Where and How of your customers (see Brad’s specific questions on p130).

Segment your target market and design a campaign for each segment. Use the AIDA method (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) when communicating your marketing message.

Today’s customer is highly educated because of the information freely available through the internet. They are skeptical of advertising and big claims so you need to build a long-term relationship with them using new media such as online and social media.

Focusing on a niche allows you to remove price competition. Do this by developing a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and a strong Guarantee, and then communicate these to your target market.

Building Your Team

The 6 Keys to building a great team:

  1. Strong leadership
  2. A common goal
  3. Rules of the Game
  4. An action plan
  5. Support risk taking
  6. 100% involvement and inclusion

Train your team on sales and customer service and use scripts to help them achieve consistency and improved results when dealing with customers.

Strategies for Lead Generation

Use Giveaways (instead of discounting)

Referral program and rewards

Build a database

Go online and get found by your customers

Search Engine Optimisation

Squeeze Pages

Host-Beneficiary (these are short-term)

Strategic Alliance (share databases and longer-term relationship)

Direct Mail

Have a story

Trade/business directories

Phone directories

Follow up

Test & Measure – you must measure the result from various marketing and continually refine what is working.

Steps to create a Referral Based Business

  1. Identify your ideal customer profile
  2. Segment the top 20% into A and B categories
  3. Offer them a reward for referring (gift, gift cheque, special pricing, incentive, etc)

Strategies for Conversion Rates

Have a Guarantee

Strong USP (To avoid price competition. NEVER DISCOUNT.)

Understand the Benefits of your USP

Testimonials (including video testimonials)

Offer a private label brand or exclusive line

Differentiate through packaging or design

Offer premium or extremely high-quality products

Offer samples or demonstrations