Have you jumped on the wrong train?

Michelle Lee - Up N Away Life Coaching Newcastle NSWMichelle Lee from Up n Away Life Coaching explains how she might be able to open your eyes to greater personal and career enjoyment.

Are you thinking to yourself that maybe, just maybe you are not on the train to your desired destination? Have you been on this train too long, making frequent stops, not liking where you are, getting back on, and maybe spending far too long at certain destinations? This could be the holiday from hell. However it could also be the career train you have jumped on, on the career to nowhere and everywhere except where you want to be.

Are you unsure of what you want, where you want to be, have stopped at various jobs/careers, tried your luck in different roles, been rejected from others, lost confidence in your worth, and along the way lost your sense of purpose and hence your destination? Do you sometimes feel that society ranks us on what we do, what success we have and the pressure is all too much?

Are you feeling hopelessness, unmotivated, stuck in a rut, know that you are not doing what you want to do, but are not even sure how to change that?

You are not alone. There is a solution!

Being clear in the first place about where you want to go, do and be, what steps to take to get there, knowing that there may be certain rail blocks which you are confident of getting through, and having confidence to ride the journey, are essential tools to have when planning your dream career.

15 ways your Career Passion Coach can assist you:

  1. Help you understand yourself better
  2. Identify your strengths and limitations
  3. Guide you to finding your passion and purpose
  4. Help you believe in possibilities that you can reach your dream career
  5. Enlighten you on the value of your own unique set of values
  6. Engineer those goals in your head so they manifest in your life
  7. Formulate those goals into a strategic action plan
  8. Keep you accountable to those actions you said you would take
  9. Guide you to feel confident about setting up your own business if you wish to do so.
  10. Build your self-esteem and self- confidence
  11. Find your strength in the face of challenge
  12. Support you through Interview and Resume coaching
  13. Coach you to improved Assertiveness, Communication and Client Relationships
  14. Show you that you can move out of your rut with calculated risks
  15. Cheering you from the sidelines as you kick those goals and move towards your passion – not letting you give up

Michelle Lee - Up N Away Life Coaching Newcastle NSWMichelle empathises and understands the journey of being on the wrong train even though she was running a successful business. She knew there was something more out there for her and through her own personal development, she took the risks and has not looked back.

Are you ready to disembark?

For more information about Michelle and her coaching, visit: http://www.upnawaylifecoaching.com/