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We welcome applications to join YBC.

As we’re sure you can appreciate we need to make sure every person who wants to join YBC is a perfect fit for the values and motivations of our group.

So, once we’ve established that there’s no-one else from your business category already in YBC we’ll check your references and ask you to meet for an informal, friendly interview.

This interview lets us make sure we can definitely help you grow your business but it also gives you a chance to make sure YBC is the right fit for you and your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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YBC starts promptly at 7am. Please pay for your breakfast and be seated before this time. When you pay you will be given a number. Please walk through to the meeting area and put it in front of the table where yoou will sit for the meeting. Your beverage of choice and breakfast will be delivered to where the number is placed. Try and arrive about 15 minutes before the meeting to use the open networking time to meet other people.

Each member will get to speak for a minimum of 60 seconds about their business. In this time we ask that you tell us :

  • Who are you.
  • What do you do.
  • Where are you located.
  • What referrals are you looking for.

If you hear a glass being dinged, your time is up and we ask that you take your seat.

Yes, that’s right. YBC is an exclusive organisation who only allows one member from each industry group. Once you join, you identify your business bategory and you block the right for any of your competitors to join also. Please understand however, that some categories can be broad and therefore may be broken up. For example a lawyer, there can be property law, commercial leasing, family law, wills and estates, etc. Your category is specific and is chosen when you join. There may be a category in the group which over laps with your category. This is common and should that situation arise, we would address it before you would join.

You will fill out an Expression of Interest form and then the membership committee would interview you before passing their thoughts back to the Leadership Committee. If more than 1 application is received for that category, the category is deemed closed at the end of the next weekly meeting and those applications are then processed and assessed by the Leadership Committee. After acceptance to the group, you will be sent an invoice for $500, plus $100 for the production of your profile on our website. You will have 14 days before your application lapses, and 30 days to pay.

All monies are reinvested into promoting all the businesses in the group and social events.

Yes. As the group is a non-for-profit organisation, it is the efforts of all individuals which make the team work. While not in your first few months, but eventually you will be expected to volunteer to help the group out in some way. For a list of jobs, please speak to the committee. After joining you are expected to have a discovery meeting with each business to get to know how you can understand who is the right client to refer to that member and vice versa, the current members need to know what your business is and who they refer to you.

The Executive Committee consists of the following positions :

  • President.
  • Vice President.
  • Treasurer.
  • Secretary.
  • 2 Ordinary Committee Members.

The Executive Committee is often referred to as the Leadership Team / Committee. They are responsible for making decision on behalf of the group and ensuring the group is working to its fullest potential.

Yes, the Membership Committee is different to the Executive Committee. They are often referred to as the Membership Team. They are responsible for the processing of new members and any issues arising with existing memberships. In this team, there is always a leader, and at least 2 other members. They report to the Executive Committee before any decisions are made.

There are a range of other jobs at YBC, such as :

  • Public Officer.
  • Website Coordinator.
  • Social Media Marketer.
  • Welcome and Pack up Crew.
  • Mentors.
  • Events Planner.

Yes. There are policies and procedures for all members to follow which are very basic. If a member is not performing to the groups expectations, the committee will speak with you and ask how we and the rest of the group can help you to get the most out of YBC, however, if after several attempts you are still not participating as expected, the YBC committee has the right to ask you to leave the group when your renewal is up or earlier for severe breaches.

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