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Bruce Dawson
B Comm, LLB, Notary Public


Bruce was admitted as a Solicitor almost 40 years ago and has practised extensively in an impressive range of legal disciplines since that time. He has a Commerce Degree and a Law Degree from The University of New South Wales, and was a registered Tax Agent for many years. He was one of the very first Notaries in Lake Macquarie, having been first made a Notary Public in 1995.

Bruce has worked in many areas besides Law, including shop assistant, building labourer, courier, furniture removalist, motel night manager, service station attendant and Taxi Driver as well as a telephone Counsellor with Lifeline, so he has spent a lot of time in the ‘real world’ and has no difficulty in relating to the problems and needs of clients. He is married with 3 children (and two dogs).

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