Dr Rod McLean Chiropractor

Say goodbye to pain and say hello to living

Rod’s techniques are gentle, making his treatments highly appealing for people of all ages presenting with a wide range of problems. This includes babies, the elderly, the frail and everyone in-between.

Rod brings together 30+ years of experience in working to activate your health & wellbeing with chiropractic, kinesiology and energetics.

Rod uses and has been an instructor in the Activator ‘non cracking’ Chiropractic Technique since 2001.

With this remarkable technique there is no ‘cracking’, simply a light, fast and accurate impulse (as illustrated in the video below).

In addition, Rod uses Energetics and Kinesiology which are keys to understanding your body – mind connection.

Rod aims to use his skills to help access your body’s ‘particular’ pathway for healing’ to lead you towards effective outcomes.

Visit www.RodMcLeanChiropractic.com.au to discover a growing library of videos and blogs to help you achieve greater health and wellbeing.



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