At YBC we believe word-of-mouth marketing is the best strategy. With that in mind, here are some our members and their stories of how instrumental YBC has been for business growth.



Your Business Connections is a fantastic forum of likeminded business owners. As far as RM Group is concerned - the pool of business experience, enthusiasm and generosity is invaluable. We liken it to being a part of a business team. Everyone within the group is doing their very best to help the business alongside them.

It’s the intangibles that make us so excited about YBC. The benefit to our bottom line is just the icing on the cake.

Jared Gilkinson RM SUPER May 29, 2014

With great pleasure, I recommend YBC as a comprehensive, professional and friendly environment for business to business networking. I have been an active member for almost a year and the benefits the group has given me have been countless. I’m continuously pleased with the manner in which all my referrals are managed by other members and confident that these connections add genuine value to our own customer’s experience. YBC has certainly exceeded my expectations and has lived up to its highly regarded values and ethics.

Lauren Hogg Mega Save Chemist Marketown May 29, 2014

I have belonged to a few business groups like YBC. This one for me is a stand-out. It is a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere and I have received more business from this group than previous ones I belonged to. When I joined YBC I had been involved in another business partnership which had come to an end. My business, Design Change had been neglected and I needed to rebuild fast. YBC was instrumental in the rapid growth. The members are very caring and genuinely want to help you. I also feel very comfortable recommending other members, not out of a sense of obligation but a real belief that they are good operators and the people I refer will be well look after. Come along and see for yourself.

Janelle Gerrard Design Change May 29, 2014

As an owner of a young company, YBC provides support in all aspects in running a business. With a wide range of businesses and trades almost any question can be answered, predicament can be solved and idea can be generated.  All members of YBC take a genuine interest in the success and develop of each other’s businesses.  I have found the discovery meetings as an invaluable experience allowing one on one time with each member and it is often exciting how 2 organizations as different as chalk and cheese can actually not only support one another, but synergise as well.  Since becoming a member of YBC, I  truly believe that Ausave Energy has taken that one large step forward and am looking forward to even greater achievements working with such a wonderful group of people.

Todd Bruell Ausave May 29, 2014

Your Business Connections is a group of local business people who get together once a week with the specific intention of referring work to members of the group.

I have been a member since inception and thoroughly enjoy the member breakfasts where we learn what other people do, who their ideal clients are, listen do their business challenges and assist where we can.

The focus is on how we can make every business in the group more successful

Since joining Your Business Connections, PDH Accounting Services has expanded with the help of all members and this is greatly appreciated.

I highly recommend networking for client attainment and retention, and Your Business Connections is the networking group that has worked for PDH Accounting Services.

Peter Hesse PDH Accounting Services May 29, 2014