Wheeling & Able Giving Program

Payroll Giving Program

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee – you can make a huge difference in the life of a child with a physical disability

Who is Wheeling & Able?
Wheeling & Able commenced in 1932 as the Newcastle & District Association for Crippled Children and over the past 80 years have helped children in Newcastle, Central Coast, the Hunter and mid north Coast gain access to vital equipment to help with their mobility and everyday needs.

Since then, we have helped over 16,000 children at an estimated cost of over $11,900,000 (in today’s dollars) with equipment such as wheelchairs, standing frames, specialised bicycles, lifting equipment, vehicle modifications and therapy programs.

Wheeling & Able is a self funded charity and does not receive any government funding; this amazing achievement has been reached through the generosity of individuals, businesses and community organisations in our region.

What is a Payroll Deduction Program?
The payroll or wage deduction program means that a regular donation is made to Wheeling & Able each time a you are paid by your employer.

Many people find that donating a few dollars each week from their pay is convenient, barely missed and a tax-deductible way of helping to ensure that children in the communities of Newcastle and surrounding areas, Central Coast, Hunter and the Manning / Great Lakes regions, Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast can continue to receive assistance to access equipment and services.

How does it work?
An Employee signs up to Payroll Deduction Program by completing a simple form and nominating a regular deduction amount.

The form is then sent to your payroll department where the nominated amount is deducted from your weekly or fortnightly pay and forwarded to Wheeling & Able.

At the end of the financial year, employees are able to claim a tax deduction for the total amount donated.

You can request ask that a Wheeling & Able representative attend your next team meeting to speak with employees about the program.

It’s that simple!

Employee Benefits
By joining the Payroll Deduction Program you are ensuring that the life of a child with a physical disability is made a little easier.

It is a convenient way for you to join the growing number of people who choose to make a donation to one of the oldest Charities founded in Newcastle, with branches in the Singleton, Cessnock and Central Coast regions that are committed to assisting children with physical disabilities throughout these areas.

Many of the things we do in life that are so easily taken for granted.

As a contributor to the Payroll Deduction Program you know that you are helping to support essential services; ensuring a child can stand to be the same height as their school friends with the aid of a standing frame, a teenager can go on a bike ride with their family on a specially modified bike; or for a parent to be able to move a young adult from their bed to their wheelchair with an electric hoist.

Employer Benefits

Employers involved in this scheme report stronger staff morale and loyalty, as well as a closer association with their wider community.

They report a sense of pride both in the workplace and in the partnership between their company, employees and Wheeling & Able employers often match employees’ donations, thus doubling the support given to this valuable service as well as increasing their own organisation’s profile in the community.

When your business donation reaches $10,000 you will have permission to use the words “official supporter of”, with the Wheeling & Able logo. This will define your business as one that has compassion for the work of Wheeling & Able and your clients will recognise your generosity.

It is tax deductible, simple and flexible

All donations through the Payroll Deduction Program are tax deductible and it only takes a few minutes to complete one form for your regular donations to begin. It’s flexible enough for you to join, alter or withdraw from at any time.

Payroll Deduction Authority

Thank you for choosing to support Wheeling & Able. Your donation will help ensure that Children with physical disabilities in Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast will have access to vital equipment to help with their mobility and everyday needs.

Please click here to be taken to out site to download our form.

For all enquiries regarding payroll deduction, please contact:

Wheeling & Able
(Weeroona Association)
A.B.N.81 511 032 990. C.F.N.12709
PO Box 2259, Gateshead NSW 2290
Phone: 02 49622 042 Fax: 02 4942 3188