Write your own obituary – What makes you special

The other week I had a “light bulb moment”. Only to discover it had been thought of by others as well. Which means it was a good idea so I thought I’d share. Write your business obituary. Think of what impact your business has had on your customers.  What has been your legacy (what customers remember about you). In doing this, it will help you define what makes your business special or different. It would also help you to define your brand legacy… in fact it could provide clarity on what your brand strategy should be, based on your larger reason for being. This will help you easily determine what products or services you offer and how to convey that through your entire brand. If you feel stuck, why not write an obituary on how you would like your business to be remembered. What impact you would like to make on your customers. It’s not morbid, try it, it is fun!

We have all made an impact in some way in business and in life. So why not even write your own personal obituary as well. I came across this video from TED on “How to write your own Obituary” which I thought was really interesting and appropriate to include. It is about 15 minutes long but really worthwhile and thought provoking. ENJOY!!!