About YBC

Your Business Connections is an exclusive business networking organisation. Our organisation exists to promote individual businesses of our members to the public and provide expert advice to each member’s existing client base. It is our goal to build this group with dedicated and enthusiastic members. Each member has a role within our group. We are unlike any other networking group in Newcastle being an independent group which is:

In brief

  • We are a non-for profit organisation with all excess funds going to marketing our businesses
  • Your own mini website. Your business connections website offers our members an additional marketing tool for their businesses. The website’s purpose is to generate leads and divert web traffic to your own business website.
  • And lastly, to build groups which will be a continuous source of referrals for you.

The benefits gained by team members include:

  • A much wider audience for your online activity. Using LinkedIn, Facebook posts, blog entries and tweets to reach a greater audience.
  • Additional website visitors through linking between member websites.
  • Higher search engine rankings as a result of the above activities.
  • Members have the ability and are encouraged to share and learn from other members business experiences.